Acoustic Fiber Ceiling

ACOUSTIC FIBER CEILING is a ceiling sail system that combines acoustics and light in a functional and aesthetic way. The ceiling sails are robust while being characterised by their sophisticated aesthetics and ultralight construction.

Acoustic panel - Acoustic Fiber Ceiling - Création Baumann

Material advantages

The extremely thin ceiling panel achieves its high rigidity through a special manufacturing process. The material is fire resistant to DIN EN 13501-1 and 100% recyclable. It also has high UV resistance and ensures long-term colour fastness. The light reflection of the white modules is 88%.
Acoustic panel - Acoustic Fiber Ceiling - Création Baumann


ACOUSTIC FIBER CEILING is a particularly sophisticated ceiling sail. At the same time, it is characterised by a high degree of stability. This allows a variety of different components, such as luminaires or WiFi routers, to be attached to it. Due to its ultralight construction, only a few points are required for fixing the ceiling sails.
«The ceiling sail system from Création Baumann impresses with its functional and aesthetic symbiosis of acoustics and light.»