Acoustic fabrics

Whether it is offices, concert halls or at home: Textiles play a major role in sound absorption. Création Baumann offers you the world's largest variety of acoustic fabrics – for harmonious acoustics and aesthetics.

Acoustic- Roomdivider- Acoustic curtain- Création Baumann

Acoustic fabrics for perfect ambient sound

Noise is annoying – both in private and public spaces. Textiles are the ideal way to optimise acoustics. Thanks to the acoustic fabrics from Création Baumann, ambient sound can be controlled and made more pleasant. That's nice to hear, but also nice to see: Thanks to the world's largest range of acoustic fabrics, the design possibilities are virtually endless.
Acoustic- Roomdivider- Acoustic curtain- Création Baumann

Acoustic curtains for zoning

Open-space floor plans are multifunctional and must meet various requirements. They intend to flexibly combine meeting points for conversations and quiet areas with acoustic privacy. Acoustic fabrics from Création Baumann offer the solution: Through zoning with sound-absorbing textiles, floor plans can be designed flexibly and adapted to various acoustic situations time and time again. This significantly improves the atmosphere in the room.

Acoustic facts

  • The acoustic fabrics from Création Baumann control the acoustic spatial effect through sound absorption.
  • Acoustic fabrics reduce the reverberation time of noise differently, depending on weight, porosity and weaving technology.
  • Tests in a reverberation chamber (frequency range between 100 and 5000 Hz) let us compare the acoustic functionality of textiles.
  • The effect of the acoustic fabrics is confirmed by test records compliant with ISO 354, ISO 11654 and DIN EN 29053.
«Our acoustic fabrics design rooms flexibly and adapt to new situations time and time again – in effective, versatile and aesthetical ways.»
Acoustic- Roomdivider- Acoustic curtain- Création Baumann

Acoustic fabrics – from transparent to opaque

The acoustic fabrics from Création Baumann achieve excellent sound absorption values. Opaque acoustic fabrics offer the best values on the window or as a partition curtain. Transparent acoustic fabrics are the right choice wherever the focus is on lighting design in addition to ambient sound.

Compare the readings of opaque and transparent acoustic fabrics here:

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