Acoustic partition curtain – ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO

The trend for open plan spaces in architecture brings new levels of freedom: However, open plan and smooth surfaces such as glass and concrete increase sound levels and lead to more noise exposure. The acoustic partition curtain system ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO from Création Baumann creates quiet zones that are up to 23 decibels quieter than their surroundings – simply, effectively and with style.

Acoustic Room Divider- Création Baumann - Stapferhaus

Acoustic partition curtain – the system

Up until now, acoustically dividing rooms into areas always involved extensive and expensive construction work. Création Baumann, a pioneer in the development of functional textiles, has created a textile and therefore a significantly more cost-effective solution for effectively, flexibly and attractively subdividing a room’s soundscape with the ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO: The acoustic partition curtain system creates quiet spaces in rooms. The innovative NoiseBlocker technology achieves a sound reduction of up to 23 decibels.

Acoustic- Roomdivider- Acoustic curtain- Création Baumann

A wide range of fabrics for acoustic partition curtains

A wide range of textiles in different colours and textures is available for the ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO acoustic partition curtain – all with the best quality in terms of material, workmanship and functionality.

Finished and ready for installation

Expert installation is required to ensure that acoustic partition curtains achieve their optimum functionality. Création Baumann delivers the curtains – made to measure – as a ready finished product.

Technical add-on
The technology has been supplemented by an aluminum panel that creates a uniform finish. It also provides additional sound reflection and also supports the system acoustically. The panel can be easily mounted on the rail system and can also be used for other room separation solutions.

In addition to the pleated assembly (50% addition), the ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO can also be used in a flat version without folds (15% addition). The textiles can be made standing or hanging.

Rail system 
The metal rail for ceiling mounting is available in two profile sizes, which are characterised by their high load capacity of 90 and 150 kilograms respectively – in straight and curved form, in white, grey and black. The rail has smoothly running internal custom castors and can be operated by hand or motor.

Acoustic- Roomdivider- Acoustic curtain- Création Baumann

«The acoustic partition curtains from Création Baumann create quiet zones – simply, effectively and with style.»


The new NoiseBlocker technology reduces the sound value by up to 23 decibels. Together with the School of Engineering & Architecture at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, the textile designers at Création Baumann have developed a synthetic rubber that achieves previously unattained sound insulation with just one layer.


The proven acoustic partition curtain system with NoiseSilencer technology has already been used in many successful projects. The NoiseSilencer system reduces sound by up to 16 decibels using one to two inner layers.


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