Our acoustic systems improve room acoustics very easily and without any construction work. The flexible solutions are not only functional, but also offer a wide range of design possibilities. Our acoustic fabrics, panels and room dividers are available in many variants and can also be tailored to your needs or made with individual designs if desired.

Acoustic panels

  • Acoustic Color Fields

    Modular acoustic panels reduce noise and offer inspiring design possibilities. The versatile textile panels can be flexibly combined to create customised surfaces.

  • Acoustic Wall Cover

    Single or multiple flush-fitted panels aesthetically enclose wall areas and improve the acoustic effect of rooms. Different textiles provide the utmost design freedom in this respect.

  • Acoustic Room Divider

    Textile room dividers create zones in open plan spaces simply, flexibly and effectively. Installed on tables, sideboards and the floor or suspended from the ceiling, they ensure optimum room acoustics.

  • Acoustic Fiber Ceiling

    The ceiling sail system combines acoustics and light functionally and aesthetically. It is robust while impressing with a delicate appearance. Its elements can be used in a variety of ways and customised.

Textile Finder

In our online catalogue you will find all our textiles in various colours, designs and with detailed information.

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