Plan your textile project together with us. We offer you expert advice, information, services and tools to support you and your ideas in the best possible way.

Personal expert advice - Création Baumann - Planning

Personal expert advice

Our specialist dealers and project consultants are on hand to support you. Our team can help you with planning your room, advise you on topics such as acoustics or glare and heat protection and how to find the right technology and designs for your rooms. You can also get advice in one of our local showrooms.
Innovations - Création Baumann - Planning

Textile innovations with proven functions

Our innovative textile solutions offer a variety of different functions such as acoustics, glare and heat protection, flame retardancy and a blackout effect. We have our products tested by independent institutes. The test results are based on various standards and norms and are available in the download area of the respective product.
High delivery capability - Création Baumann - Planning

High delivery capability

Almost every product from our range is in stock in our high-bay warehouse and can therefore be delivered very quickly. Together with our customer service team and the internal logistics department, we ensure delivery readiness of almost 100 percent at any time. This allows us to support you on large projects and with tight schedules.
Proven sustainability - Création Baumann - Planning

Proven sustainability

We understand sustainability to be a lasting balance between the ecological, social and economic performance of our company. We record all the measures we take and plan for the future in a sustainability report, which we update regularly.
Samples you can feel - Création Baumann - Planning

Samples you can feel

Samples help you to find the right textile solution. They allow you to judge how the textiles look and feel. As a planner, you can order samples from Création Baumann or arrange to fit out entire showrooms. You can order small samples directly from the respective product. Our sales team will be happy to advise you on ordering other samples or fitting out a showroom.
Project planning from A to Z - Création Baumann - Planning

Project planning from A to Z

We would like to support you not only with our products, but also with expert planning. Création Baumann provides the possibility of collaborating with acoustics specialists and building physicists and planning your project professionally together with them. We can also provide you with competent support during the production and installation stages and are able to handle these matters in-house or realise them together with external partners. We will also happily provide you with detailed quotations.
Digital competence - Création Baumann - Planning

Digital competence

We also offer different possibilities in order to use our products in digital planning. In the Textile Finder you will find our digital textures in the download area of the individual products. These are available as tileable files or multi-layered files. On the platforms pCon and Mtextur you will find a selection of our products for working with.
References - Digital competence - Création Baumann - Planning

Our references

Whether in large public buildings or in private homes, in front of the window or as a defining spatial element: Our products can be used in a variety of ways. Our reference database gives you an insight into projects that have already been realised. They show not only where our products were used, but also how.