Aesthetics and technology go hand in hand with our system solutions. They offer a wide range of room design possibilities and can be flexibly and precisely controlled. In our range you will find a wide selection of blinds and curtains: from transparent to opaque with different colours, designs and functions.

Interior Shading

  • Roller blinds

    Roller blind solutions fit into any room concept and impress with their ease of use. They provide clear and straightforward visual and glare protection – with additional blackout or acoustic functions.

  • Acoustic blinds

    Acoustic blinds combine the possibilities of flexible room partitioning, control of room acoustics, privacy and glare protection in a new interpretation of the classic vertical blind in the room or at the window.

  • Vertical blinds

    Vertical blinds provide visual protection and control incoming light precisely and flexibly. They are the best choice for large glass surfaces and also work on non-standard inclined or curved surfaces.

  • Panel curtains

    Panel curtains offer a wide range of possibilities for textile interior design, especially for floor-to-ceiling windows. They ensure clean-lined aesthetics, blend discreetly into the room or produce creative highlights.

  • Roman blinds

    Roman blinds look natural due to their organic soft drop and exude a great sense of homeliness. Their graduated stack allows flexible control of incoming light.


In our online catalogue you will find all our textiles in various colours, designs and with detailed information.

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