For every room, purpose and style: You will find textiles in numerous designs and colours in our range. Furnishing textiles such as curtain and upholstery fabrics give every room the right style. Functional textiles combine their attractive appearance with properties such as glare and heat protection, improved room acoustics as well as a blackout or antimicrobial effect.

Functional textiles

  • Acoustics

    Sound-absorbing textiles adapt open floor plans to new acoustic situations. Création Baumann offers the world's largest variety of acoustic fabrics - from opaque to transparent.

  • Glare and heat protection

    Highly functional textiles for glare, visual and heat protection ensure translucency and energy transmittance without any glare. They protect rooms from overheating and improve well-being and the indoor climate.

  • Blackout function

    Blackout fabrics play with light and shade. Our dim-out and blackout blinds are available in numerous materials, textures, colours and designs. They are flame-resistant and impress with good acoustic values.

  • Tested for harmful substances

    Textiles that are tested for harmful substances and Oddy-tested protect valuable exhibition objects in museums against damaging effects. Detailed performance data will help you decide on the most suitable product.

  • Antimicrobial

    Healthcare textiles meet the strictest hygiene requirements. Their special effect prevents bacteria from multiplying. They are of high quality, durable and easy-care.

Textile Finder

In our online catalogue you will find all our textiles in various colours, designs and with detailed information.

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