Acoustic Wall Cover

ACOUSTIC WALL COVER provides interior design with a system for flush-fitting one or more panels to wall areas. This defines the overall picture and improves the acoustic effect in the room.

Acoustic panel - Wall Cover - Création Baumann

Acoustic Wall Cover – the system

ACOUSTIC WALL COVER is available in two panel thicknesses with different absorption levels, which can be flush-fitted together. The visual design of the room is just as impressive as the acoustic effect. Different textiles provide the utmost design freedom.
«Reducing noise while looking good: The ACOUSTIC WALL COVER panels are allrounders for walls.»

Maximum acoustics

ACOUSTIC WALL COVER offers two panel thicknesses with different absorption levels depending on the requirement and area. The broadband absorbers reduce noise and its reverberation time in different rooms – with maximum efficiency, a wide range of applications and the best sound barrier properties. The panels operate in a particularly wide spectrum and can effectively attenuate almost the entire frequency range of human language. Tested in a reverberation chamber and certified according to DIN EN ISO 354.

Fabrics and colours

Seven acoustic fabrics from Création Baumann form the basis for the special variety of designs and can be used for covering the ACOUSTIC WALL COVER.

*Please note that not all CAVALLO PIU colours can be used for acoustic panels. For further information, please contact our Customer Service.

Installation with rails

A newly developed delicate rail system ensures perfect fit on the wall and easy installation/removal of all panel sizes. Innovative pressure sealing tape is used to fasten panels to glass walls, the rear panels of furniture or in front of wall niches.