Akutspital Psychiatrie SRO – Langenthal

Light and vivid colours create a comfortable atmosphere for patients and their visitors.

  • Object

    Akutspital Psychiatrie SRO, Langenthal, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Blum und Grossenbacher Architekten, Langenthal / Design Alexa Blum GmbH, Langenthal / Oechsli, Huttwil, Switzerland

  • Photos

    Daniel Sutter, Switzerland

Starting Point

The redesign of the psychiatry department is intended to quell the emerging fears of the patients and their families, and demonstrate that they are held in high esteem. Lots of light, vibrant colours and different materials convey a welcoming and homely atmosphere.


A colour concept with vibrant, playful colours and the use of natural materials was of utmost importance.

The furniture in the reception area is organic, covered among others with TONY and decorated with in bright fresh colors. Appropriately, the curtain material in the reception area and the communal rooms conveys freshness.

The strict length of the corridor is broken up by coloured strips. In the patient rooms and offices, a semi-transparent curtain offers protection from prying eyes, whereby light still penetrates the room.

Reference Sheet
  • VELOS II 0061
  • SONOR III COL. 228/229 0228

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