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Archive of the future

Innovative architecture meets tradition: the integration of modern textiles in the archive of the future.

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    Archive of the Future, Lichtenfels, Germany

  • Concept

    PETER HAIMERL . ARCHITEKTUR, strukturdesign Ingenieurgesellschaft im Bauwesen GmbH | John GmbH

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    sebastian kolm architekturfotografie

Starting Point
The Archive of the Future in Lichtenfels combines tradition and innovation. After five years of construction, a glass steel structure now stands. A 12 metre high, golden willow sculpture made of galvanised steel is a reminder of the town’s wickerwork tradition. The glass pavilion houses offices as well as areas for exhibitions and events. Fully opening glass façades merge the interior and exterior spaces, and innovative materials such as foamed aluminium and drill core walls contribute to the special atmosphere.

A central component of the design is the GUARD curtain fabric. This aluminium-metallised fabric provides glare and heat protection. Its lattice-like appearance lets in natural daylight while protecting against direct sunlight. GUARD perfectly complements the transparent architecture of the pavilion, reflecting heat and reducing glare. This increases the comfort and functionality of the rooms while maintaining the aesthetic integration with the glass façades. GUARD shows how innovative textiles can be used in architecture to combine functionality and design.

Textiles for glare and heat protection Reference Sheet
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