Art Mon Zen Kyoto

Textiles in functional and aesthetic balance for an elegant atmosphere.

  • Object

    Art Mon Zen Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

  • Concept

    Teruyuki Nakanishi, Kentaro Suzuki, Miki Murakawa, Kaoruko Nakanishi

  • Photos

    Hiroshi Ohno, Ritsuya Segawa

Starting Point
Gion, the heart of Kyoto, is known as a historic district. Located in a quiet street at the northern end of Gion, where antique art galleries are lined up, Art Mon Zen Kyoto offers comfort and tranquility. Fifteen rooms of different tastes are adorned at every turn with the beauty of Sukiya-zukuri architecture, all created by art dealer Nakanishi Shohoken.

The balance between sealing and diffusing sunlight at the window is stylishly achieved with the SOPRANO curtain fabric, while maintaining transparency. The subtle colouring  harmonises with any artwork and gives the room a calm and elegant character.

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