Art project «What we observe» – Frankfurt

An art project that creates a space for women in the middle of the public.

  • Object

    Art project «What we observe», Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Concept

    Josefine Köhler, Ina Trenk, Sophie Schattner, Lina Parisius, Offenbach and Cologne, Germany

  • Photos

    Aaron Adu-Appeagyei, Germany

Starting Point
An interdisciplinary artists’ collective consisting of two budding scenographers and two art historians, have created the project «What we observe». A modular wooden cube is used to create a space in various public places that is accessible only to women. The installation thus refers to structural and social inequality of women within an urban political context.

The installation plays with the feeling of entering a protected space in the middle of the public and allows visitors to take an observing or even privileged position inside. Through the form and materiality, the characteristics, such as temperature, light and sounds, of the outdoor space are preserved inside. The transparent curtain fabrics Sinfonia CS, break the grid structure of the larch wood construction and create a playfulness with their soft fall and movement.

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