Baramundi Software Factory

Highly functional textile solutions as a catalyst for innovation.

  • Objekt

    baramundi software - Augsburg, Germany

  • Konzept

    HENN, Germany

  • Fotos

    Laurian Ghinitoiu, Romania

Starting Point
The design by HENN combines social and technical aspects for the young software company baramundi. The building contains a public canteen, flexible co-working spaces, dedicated work areas, a fitness room and a roof terrace with views of the Alps. The new headquarters, as one of the first pilot projects of the Augsburg Innovation Park, is a platform for networking and collaborative working.

Baramundi Headquarter is an agile working environment whose flexibility is expressed in the constantly changing facade. The minimal glass volume is articulated by precision strip steel and elegant reveals, while the semi-automatic curtain system provides a playful but highly functional solar shading system. The system combines low-tech OUTDOOR CHICACO curtains with a high-tech automated track system. The curtains create sun and glare protection for work and recreation spaces.

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