Music Conservatoire – Bern

As part of the redesign of the interiors, they were also adapted to a functional, modern level with acoustic measures.

  • Object

    Bern Music Conservatoire, Bern, Switzerland

  • Concept

    3B Architekten AG, Bern | Teo Jakob AG, Bern | Decorof Bern AG, Bern | Gartenmann Engineering AG, Bern

  • Photos

    Architekturfotografie Gempeler, Bern

Starting point
The combination of typical old town ground plans and a concert hall with three hundred seats led to an unconventional configuration for the layout of a music school.
As part of an overall renovation project, excessively resonant rooms had to be adapted to suit the demands of contemporary teaching in music.

Heavy curtains were fitted at the optimum distance from the wall so that reverberation time could be adjusted individually to the musicians and their instruments.

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