Cantonal Hospital Uri

Aesthetic and highly functional textiles for a harmonious interior design concept in the healthcare sector.

  • Object

    Cantonal Hospital Uri - Altdorf, Schweiz

  • Concept

    Darlington Meier Architects AG, Zurich, Switzerland | MUOSER AG, Schattdorf, Switzerland

  • Photos

    Lucas Peters Architecture Photography

Starting Point
The new building of the Kantonsspital Uri (KSU) is the largest construction project in the canton of Uri and replaces the old hospital from the 1960s. It is a generational project that will improve and secure the health care of the population for years to come.

As part of the renovation and new construction, the new cantonal hospital and the hospital park were given an aesthetic upgrade. The semi-transparent curtain fabric SOLIO in Trevira CS, the transparent and softly draping SINFONIA CS VI and the dense curtain fabric ULTRA V were used. All textiles used are flame retardant and meet important requirements in terms of technology, hygiene and design. Adapted to the respective room situation, the selected fabrics blend harmoniously into the light and open overall concept and create visual highlights.

Reference Sheet
  • ULTRA V 0505
  • SOLIO 0296
  • SINFONIA CS VI color 1009

Textiles Used


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