Dauphin Showroom

Innovative product solutions create an inspiring showroom for the future of the working world.

  • Object

    Dauphin Showroom, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Concept

    Dauphin Human Design® Group GmbH & Co.KG, Offenbach, Germany,

  • Photos

    MBS Nürnberg GmbH, Nürnberg, Germany

Starting point
The world of work is changing and is characterised by terms such as home office, back to the office and new work. Together with the innovation agency Dark Horse, Dauphin has developed the «Dauphin Workheart» concept, which offers a balanced consideration of the expectations and needs of companies and employees. The focus is on the office as the physical heart of the company, which is as relevant to productivity as it is to emotionality, authenticity and passion.

The redesign of the Dauphin showroom in Frankfurt according to the principles of New Work is a practical implementation of the Dauphin Workheart concept. The fabrics used, ETTA, PONTE, PRINTACOUSTIC HORIZON, SHELTER and MANHATTAN, not only create an aesthetically pleasing environment but also provide acoustic and visual screening. Their targeted use creates a balanced environment that harmoniously combines concentrated work, team projects and spontaneous dialogue. The products help to meet individual needs and transform the showroom into an inspiring showcase for the working world of tomorrow. Their versatility reflects the core principles of the Dauphin Workheart concept and creates an ideal environment for productivity, creativity and collaborative working.


Reference Sheet
  • PONTE IV 0122
  • ETTA 0001
  • MANHATTAN 0214

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