Engineering office Bern

Modern and agile working: A contemporary office concept with textile solutions.

SINFONIA CS VI color 1010
  • Object

    Engineering office BSB + Partner, Bern, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Objekt 13 Innenarchitektur, Bern, Switzerland

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    Philipp Funke Fotografie

Starting Point
The engineering firm BSB + Partner in Bern needed to modernise its offices. The existing retreat zones and meeting rooms were no longer up to date and needed to be improved in terms of visual, glare and acoustic efficiency. The aim was to create a more flexible and pleasant working environment.

Objekt 13 Innenarchitektur Bern developed a new office concept that emphasises textile solutions. Retreat zones and meeting rooms are redesigned with high-quality textile curtains, UMBRIA and SPORT, to separate rooms. These curtains provide visual separation as well as glare and noise protection. In addition, the elegant, naturally soft draping SINFONIA CS curtain fabric is used to create a quiet, flexible and stylish working environment.

Acoustic curtains for zoning Reference Sheet
  • SPORT II 0201
  • SINFONIA CS VI color 1010
  • UMBRIA IV – 300 3301

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