Finlandia Hall – Helsinki

A dim-out curtain that falls beautifully on both sides is used for darkening in the multi-purpose room of Finlandia Hall.

  • Object

    Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland

  • Concept

    Alvar Aalto, Helsinki / A-Konsultit-architecture office, Helsinki / Mr. Jaakko Puro Puroplan Oy / Jaakko Puro Oy, Helsinki / Vallila Interior Oy, Helsinki

  • Fotos

    Henry Ahlavuo, Vallila Interior, Helsinki

Starting Point
Newly built «VERANDA» multi-purpose room as an extension to the Finlandia hall in Helsinki. A variety of combinations allows the room to be customised to its visitors’ needs.
The large window bank lends the room a lightweight air.

The aim was to find a textile solution with dim-out properties. The blackout curtain needed to have a beautiful drop as well as an elegant finish from the outside and inside as the large ground floor window bank is clearly visible from the building’s fore court.
The decisive factor was Dimmer’s beautiful double-sided quality and the wide spectrum of colours.

Reference Sheet
  • DIMMER IV 0103

Textiles Used

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