Hair Salon Shisei – Tokyo

Through the Looking-Glass: Creating a unique atmosphere through the combination of glass and textile.

  • Object

    Hair Salon Shisei - Tokyo, Japan

  • Concept

    Shohei Yoshida + Associates

  • Photos

    Satoshi Takae

Starting Point
The hair salon on Kotto-dori Avenue is located in the exclusive Aoyama district. At the centre of the salon are three unique mirrors, known as «Fading Mirrors», which are made of transparent glass and can transform into a graduated mirror surface. These mirrors give the salon an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of fairy tales and give the impression of being able to immediately immerse oneself in a fascinating «mirror world». The aim was to offer guests a special experience and make them feel that the time they spend in the salon is something unique.

To create a multi-layered unity throughout the space, a special mirror with a combination of reflective and translucent surfaces was used. The curtain fabric SHADOW at the windows and MANHATTAN, which functions as a dividing curtain in the centre of the salon, were deliberately chosen to provide both sufficient transparency and screening. The two fabrics in the salon were carefully matched to the colours of the interior and harmonise with the texture and grain of the surfaces. This creates an effect that enhances the overall salon experience while preserving the presentation of the products.

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