HIB house – Tokyo

Harmonious fusion of elegance and functionality.

  • Object

    HIB House - Tokyo, Japan

  • Concept

    Baqueratta Architectural Design Office Yoshiyuki Moriyama + Jun Hosoda

  • Photos

    Yasunori Shimomura Simomura Photo office inc.

Starting Point
A home set in a peaceful residential enclave, exuding a blend of timeless classic design infused with contemporary Italian elements. The architectural structure takes the form of a U-shaped building with three storeys, complemented by a basement, all surrounded by enclosing walls.

In this residence, every single detail has been designed with great care, resulting in an exquisite and carefully refined environment. The seamless integration of furniture and the use of first-class curtains such as the DIMMER IV blackout curtain and the transparent SINFONIA CS VI blend perfectly into the overall architectural picture, creating a harmonious fusion of form and function.

Reference Sheet
  • DIMMER IV 0107
  • SINFONIA CS VI color 1038

Textiles Used


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