Hotel Märthof – Basel

Charm, liveliness and the eventful history of the house are also reflected in the interior design.

  • Object

    Hotel Märthof, Basel, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Iria Degen Interiors AG, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Photos

    Rainer Schär, Zurich

Starting Point
The historic building on Basel’s market square has been completely renovated and converted into a boutique hotel in the 4-star category.

The Märthof shines in all its glory and has become a special place – for Basel residents as well as for guests from Switzerland and abroad.

The charm, liveliness and eventful history of the building are reflected in the interior design: decorative details of past style eras complemented by natural materials.

The jacquard fabric with the newly interpreted, timeless design of ornaments looks classic and modern at the same time.

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