House in Kamakura-omachi – Kanagawa

Light curtains that do not separate the sensation of inside and outside, but rather support it.

  • Object

    House in Kamakura-omachi, Kamakura,Kanagawa, Japan

  • Concept

    Shigeo Takizawa/Shigeo Takizawa Architects, Tokyo, Japan

  • Photos

    Makoto Yoshida / Yoshida Photo Studio, Japan

Starting Point
The house was built at the foot of Kamakura Mountain, in the middle of the green landscape. The furniture in the living room gives it structure by providing plenty of space to display books and objects from travels. According to the motto: «Integrate your favourite things and the surrounding landscape into your daily life and each family member chooses a comfortable place to live».

The large windows were intended to gently connect the indoor and outdoor areas and create a feeling of openness. By using a light, delicate fabric as a curtain, the sunlight shines into the living space and the seasons can be felt. In addition, the processes blowing in the wind transport the breeze from the outside to the inside.

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