House of Wind and Light – Tokyo

Light and wind plays on the living space.

SOPRANO III COL. 116/117 0116
  • Object

    House of Wind and Light, Tokyo, Japan

  • Concept

    Shogo Onodera, Tokyo, Japan

  • Photos

    Ichiro Mishima,

Starting Point

Conversion of a 40 year old apartment in Tokyo The apartment with three bedrooms was converted into one large, open space in order to make the best possible use of the light and wind from the surrounding area.
Large pieces of furniture and cupboards divide the living space into different zones; the ceiling and walls remain unchanged. Curtains were used as new surfaces and as a contrast to the existing walls.


The aim was to show the light and wind from the surrounding area to their best advantage. Soprano enhances the naturally prevailing lighting atmosphere in the apartment and blows beautifully into the room when the windows are open. But the curtain also brings an element of flow into the room when the windows are closed thanks to its wave design.
In addition, a blackout curtain was used in the bedroom.

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