KOSMOS – Zurich

Création Baumann impresses with innovative acoustic textiles in Zurich’s new cultural centre KOSMOS.

  • Object

    Kosmos, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Burkhard & Lüthi Architektur GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Photos

    Weisswert, Switzerland

Starting Point
This place of encounter combines stage, book salon, cinema, bistro and bar in an open architecture offering a host of different composition options while presenting a challenge in terms of soundproofing.

The creators of the centre wanted to have an air of open space but also be able to use the area flexibly and separately for lectures, concerts, etc. In the process, ideal acoustics are of the greatest importance. What was needed was a way in which the different segments of the cultural centre could be used simultaneously with the individual soundscapes shielded from each other.

Using them as a curtain, the fabrics by Création Baumann create a contrast with the cool architecture, act as colourful twists and connect the individual areas, but also feature as covers for the benches in different sections of the bistro and the book salon.

What they are using is an innovation by Création Baumann: The new soundproofed ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO with CALVARO curtain, separating the open areas, if needed. This highly functional textile enables a proven reduction in noise level.

Another acoustically effective fabric was used in the six cinema halls to ensure the ideal sound experience. All the walls were fully spanned with UMBRIA, a classic, in black.

Reference Sheet
  • CALVARO 0317
  • ALEX 0844
  • ALEX 0844
    ALEX 0849
  • ALEX 0831
  • UMBRIA IV 0118

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