Law firm Klein and Müller

Modern curtain solutions for light, sound and aesthetics.

  • Object

    Klein und Müller, tax consultants, lawyer, Augsburg, Germany

  • Concept

    Alexander Pöhlmann, Architect, Daniela Weber INTERIOR DESIGN | Möbel karmann, König + Neurath, arper, Sattler Lighting

  • Photo

    Daniela Weber, Landshut, Germany

Starting Point
The focus of the new office building at Sheridanpark Augsburg was to create a modern and functional working environment. The architecture of the building is characterised by large floor-to-ceiling windows, which create a bright and open atmosphere.

The use of the ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO with LORD enables intelligent spatial and acoustic zoning, allowing work areas to be effectively separated from one another. This contributes to a quiet working and meeting atmosphere. In addition, the transparent curtain fabric SHELTER was chosen, which not only provides glare-free and effective thermal insulation, but also ensures transparency in the room. These solutions not only offer functionality, but also blend in aesthetically with the architecture and create a modern and pleasant working environment.

Acoustic Divider Vario Glare and heat protection Reference Sheet
  • LORD IV 0188
  • SHELTER 0108

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