MCBA Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts

A 3-story monolith reflects the place’s industrial character, offering new exhibition space for modern art.

MCBA - Création Baumann -Reference
  • Object

    MCBA, Kantonales Museum für bildende Kunst, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Barozzi Veiga, Barcelona, Spain

  • Photos

    Duccio Malagamba Fotografía de Arquitectura, Spain / Simon Menges, Germany

Starting Point

On the side of the railway, the museum has a closed facade with hardly any windows to protect the displays from natural light. The building’s north side is more open.


The high and bright foyer has semi-sheer curtains for glare protection to regulate the light.

The blackout fabrics with their high level of sound absorption ensure pleasant room acoustics in the auditorium.

Reference Sheet
  • MCBA - Création Baumann -Reference
  • MCBA - Création Baumann -Reference

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