NEST of EMPA and EAWAG – Dübendorf

Création Baumann’s curtains to improve a room’s acoustics in future-proof working environments.

  • Object

    NEST of EMPA and EAWAG, Duebendorf, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Meet2Create, Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture, Horw, Switzerland

  • Photos

    Weisswert, Switzerland

Starting Point

Within the scope of the “Meet2Create” project in the NEST of EMPA und EAWAG, scientists are working on the issue of how space and technology of future office environments can adapt to the continuous transformation of the workplace. With this project, they looked specifically for high-performance textiles contributing to an improved room experience and adding to the room design with a high level of flexibility.


In the innovation building, the ACOUSTIC DIVIDER VARIO with ALEX is used to spontaneously create acoustically shielded zones.

On the large window fronts, the semi-sheer BETACOUSTIC curtain fabric allows light to enter while ensuring good room acoustics.

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