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Patio Space at Design Post – Köln

Hybrid meeting place with curtain fabrics as a design and zoning element.

  • Object

    Patio Space in der Design Post Köln, Germany

  • Concept

    Studio Besau-Marguerre, Hamburg, Germany

  • Photos

    Lucas Hardonk, Design Post, Cologne

Starting Point
The Design Post Cologne is a community showroom open all year round on 3,500 square meters with 36 manufacturers with products for architects, designers and end customers. In addition to the Workspace and Studio Space, which serve as workplaces, another place was to be created that can be used for spontaneous meetings, lunch or events.

The result is the «Eclectic Patio» with a café and a lounge area that connects the terrace and the adjoining indoor area. Studio Besau-Marguerre’s concept is to represent as many different forms of encounter as possible and to create places of communication. With the Umbria Tinto and Voile Tinto curtain fabrics, the area can be zoned flexibly and according to needs, creating space for a detached form of work-life balance. The modern and fresh color gradient of the two curtain fabrics is also a central design element in the room and is transferred to the wall design and furniture.

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