Radboud University – Nijmegen

The metallised curtain fabrics create the right atmosphere in a university building with lots of glass.

  • Object

    Radboud University, Nijmengen, Netherlands

  • Concept

    Studio Groen+Schild, AH Deventer | Ellen Schild & Annemarie Matser | Wennekers Projecten, Nijmegen

  • Photos

    Petra Appelhof, Nijmegen, Holland

Starting Point

Radboud University is a broad-based, research-orientated university with almost 20,000 students. As the architectural design of the building with large glass areas deliberately allows lots of light in, the interior designers were specifically looking for curtain fabrics that offer both glare and heat protection.


The metallised GUARD and SHADOW MEDIUM serve as a solution. Both textiles are characterised by a neutral range of colours and offer maximum glare and heat protection.

The curtains decorate the façade, both on the outer façades and on the covered courtyard.

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