Raiffeisenbank Münchenstein

A special confection for a consultation room in a friendly atmosphere.

SINFONIA CS VI color 1031
  • Object

    Raiffeisenbank Münchenstein, Münchenstein, Switzerland

  • Concept

    François Fasnacht Architects BSA SIA ETH, Basel, in collaboration with Gido Wiederkehr and Project Manager Michel Altenbach/ Brodbeck AG, Liestal, Switzerland

  • Photos

    Börje Müller, Switzerland

Starting Point

The new Raiffeisenbank is built into the ground floor of an existing building. The surrounding room-high glazing draws attention to how the premises are being used and the colourful glow piques people’s interest.


The Basel artist Gido Wiederkehr was brought in to collaborate on the colourful furnishings in the conference room. The materiality, vibrancy and lighting in the conference room create a distinctive experience.

One unusual aspect of this case is the special manufacturing method used to sew different coloured strips of Sinfonia together for the panels.

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