Residential campus – Geneva University

The newly built hall of residence at the Geneva University uses Création Baumann to add pops of colour.

  • Object

    Residential campus,Geneva University, Switzerland

  • Concept

    FRAR Frei Rezakhanlou Architects, Lausannne, Switzerland

Starting Point

The building was specifically designed to suit the needs of students, promoting a communal spirit without impacting the individual resident’s privacy.

The 75 studios and apartments with 300 students are grouped around a central atrium with a motorised glass ceiling.

Thanks to internal glass walls, kitchen, living rooms and hallways play an important role in communal life.


The curtain fabric UNIVERSAL offers the best privacy protection according to the wishes of the residents. The wide range of colours, the soft feel and the flowing fall made it the perfect choice for this object, in which nine different colours were used.

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