Rosemary Works School – London

Using colourful fabrics to create textile worlds.

  • Object

    Rosemary Works School, London, England

  • Concept

    Aberrant Architecture Kevin Haley & David Chambers, London, England

  • Photos

    Simon Kennedy, Architectural Photography, England

Starting Point

Aberrant Architecture designed the interior of the Rosemary Works School in De Beauvoir, a neighbourhood in East London’s Hackney. In the rooms, opposing colour combinations, reflected by the choice of curtains, were deliberately used. The different hues accentuate sections of the old building, thus telling their very own story.


The UMBRIA and SINFONIA curtains successfully contribute to a colourful partitioning of the Rosemary Works School’s multi-purpose hall. The rails with their sculptural appeal create textile worlds where children can retreat to or where various workshops or even lunch can be organised. The curtains’ sound-absorbing effect helps to calm down noisy situations.

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