«Secret Rivers» at the Museum of London Docklands

An impressive and informative exhibition experience: Visitors are invited to immerse themselves, to discover and appreciate hidden waterways.

Museum Of London Docklands - Création Baumann - Reference
  • Object

    Exhibition "Secret Rivers" at the Museum of London Docklands, London, England

  • Concept

    Sarner International Ltd, Surrey, England / The Moule Partnership, Hertford, England / Fgreat Studio, London, England

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    Secret Rivers Exhibition © Museum of London, England

Starting Point
Secret Rivers, an exhibition in the Museum of London Docklands, unveils the secrets of London’s historic rivers — the waterways that shaped the city and its people.

In close cooperation with the museum’s team, Sarner International Ltd developed an exhibition design enabling discoveries and insights at a dynamic exhibition surprising visitors and immersing them in London’s secrets of hidden rivers and roads.


“Fluidity” played a decisive role in the exhibition’s physical development. To create a sense of fluids and movement throughout the entire exhibition, a structure of lightweight frames was designed, meandering through the room and describing the seven topics. Using frames covered with a semi-sheer fabric, the designers created a wall structure letting through light while giving enticing views of the exhibition. The result was a sense of secretiveness, fascinating visitors on their journeys through the exhibition.

The criteria for the textile selection were as follows: thickness and transparency of the fabric, which could still be tightly stretched to be used as a projection screen, as well. In addition, the textile had to be flame-retardant and available in 3 m width.


Reference Sheet
  • Museum Of London Docklands - Création Baumann - Reference
  • Museum Of London Docklands - Création Baumann - Reference

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