Single family house – Langenthal

A concrete building with large glass fronts for lots of natural light. Curtains in the rooms serve as privacy screens, support the room acoustics and give the room warmth.

  • Object

    Single family house, Langenthal, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Jan Kinsbergen, Zurich, Switzerland / Steffen Raumkonzepte AG, Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland

Starting Point
The house has an extraordinary, lengthwise shape, is closed on the sides, and rises above the slope as if it was floating.
It gives you a mere glimpse of the generousness inside – consisting of a single continuous room, with the exception of the three bedrooms.

Large glass banks put their stamp on all the rooms. Depending upon the weather, the light in the room changes – natural light comes from above, front and below.
Curtains run with curtain tracks Unotrac provide additional protection against prying eyes, wind, and cool evening temperatures.

Reference Sheet
  • DIMMER IV 0102

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