Sony Corporation, Creative Centre Tamachi office

The aim was to create a feeling of openness and comfort by taking advantage of the view and furnishing the space with a minimum of elements.

  • Object

    Sony Group Corporation, Creative Centre Tamachi office, Tamachi, Tokyo, Japan

  • Concept

    SAKUMAESHIMA, Tokyo, Japan

  • Photos

    Daici Ano, Japan

Starting Point
When setting up the satellite office, the designers were faced with the challenge of creating an open, airy office. However, the office had to include a strictly confidential security area for the latest designs, but at the same time it had to be able to be used as an event venue and include offices accessible to out-of-town visitors.

Combining the different room zones was the most difficult task. Restrained colours and natural materials give the office an elegant, uniform look. Sliding walls can be used to divide the open spaces as desired.
The heavy curtain in the reception area visually separates the lockers from the open space and helps maintain the neutral ambience.

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