Science Museum – London

Functional textiles with a wide range of colours, many structures and densities are the perfect partner for exhibition design in museums.

ULTRA V 0102
  • Object

    The Art of Innovation: From Enlightenment to Dark Matter, Temporary Exhibition at the Science Museum, London, England

  • Concept

    Design Studio Science Museum, Science Museum, London, England

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    Science Museum, London, England

Starting Point
The design team of the Sience Museum developed a concept for the temporary exhibition «The Art of Innovation: From Enlightenment to Dark Matter», which deals with the relationship between art and science.
The team wanted to create a smooth and easy transition from one area to the next in order to minimise the visual impact of the room dividers.

SAPHIR PLUS was chosen as the lightweight, flame-retardant textile suitable for digital printing for the room dividers. The exhibition graphics are printed on it. Thanks to its wide range of colours, it was possible to find the right textile colour for every wall colour. The beautiful shimmering, classic and timeless fabric added sophistication and drama to the exhibition atmosphere.
The oddy certified fabric ULTRA was chosen for the display cases.

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