Healthcare, Hospitality

The Peak Fitness Club and Spa – London

Oasis of wellbeing in the Carlton Tower.

  • Object

    The Peak Fitness Club and Spa, London, England

  • Concept

    1508 London, London, England

Starting Point
The five-star hotel opened in 1961 as London’s first tower hotel and was the tallest hotel in the city at the time. The Carlton Tower was the epitome of glamour. It was the place to be, the place to be seen.

The renowned interior design firm «1508 London» has used the hotel’s glamorous heritage and exclusive location to create a modern classic. The interior has a timeless elegance and exudes a sophisticated ambience. The overall design creates a sense of grandeur that captivates guests.

The Peak Fitness Club and Spa offers a space for relaxation with breathtaking panoramic views of London. This first class health club offers state of the art equipment, fitness classes and a 20 metre naturally lit pool. The use of SONOR III curtain fabric transforms the pool loungers into oases of relaxation. The exclusive club lounge is furnished with luxurious velvet VELLING III in a deep teal colour.


Reference Sheet
  • SONOR III COL. 228/229 0228
  • SONOR III COL. 228/229 0228
  • VELLING III 0461

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