Towers Watson – Wiesbaden

Muted earth tones, combined with bright accents.

  • Object

    Towers Watson, Wiesbaden, Germany

  • Concept

    Clivia Bauer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Photos

    Bernd Kusber, Bremen, Germany

Around 300 employees of Towers Watson’s Wiesbaden office moved into new premises. Towers Watson wanted an interplay of the modern, technical-looking building with a bright and inviting interior design that creates an atmosphere of comfort and trust.

This was achieved with a color concept that identifies the different floors, structures the open spaces and brings liveliness to the primarily neutral office areas. In all departments there are lounges with fancy armchairs and sofas, soft carpets and the color-matching acoustic panels, the ACOUSTIC COLOR FIELDS. The color concept plays with earth tones combined with complementary contrasts.

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