Townhouse – New York

Extraordinary dimensions require exceptional solutions.

  • Object

    Townhouse, New York, America

  • Concept

    Erik Bruce Fabrik, New York, America

Starting Point

Erik Bruce usually adopts a uniform approach in his projects that provides an architectural impact in the window design. But what happens when the rooms to be furnished are so different that this is not possible? Spacious rooms and a window façade extending up to six metres high require interior design measures that correspond to the extraordinary dimensions.


All windows in the town house are north-facing with a low influx of natural light.

The living room is dominated by a six metre high window. It was important to find a design here that was appropriate for the size of the room. The design team focused on the ombré effect with five different colours, creating their own pattern in the curtains – a wonderful effect. Custom-made cushions complete the overall image.

There is a wide window very close to the floor in the large bedroom. The interior designer focused on the horizontal feeling of the room with a sophisticated range of dark colours. The upholstery fabric VICTOR was used as curtain and Roman blinds were made from the extra wide linen fabrics.

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