Vereinigte Hagelversicherung VVaG

Flexible and adaptable work through a holistic room concept with versatile acoustic solutions.

  • Object

    Vereinigte Hagelversicherung VVaG, Giessen, Germany

  • Concept

    MOHO 1 GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Photos

    Norbert Miguletz, Germany

Starting Point
During the expansion and modernization of the headquarters of Vereinigte Hagelversicherung VVaG, a holistic spatial concept was developed for the entire building. The aim was to meet the needs of the different areas of responsibility and to create a high degree of flexibility in the rooms.

The result is modern office space that allows for crossover teambuilding as well as individual work in the retreat zones. As a curtain fabric, Alphacoustic ensures improved room acoustics and serves as a visual screen next to the workstations and in the meeting rooms. The acousticpearls panels with Cavallo Piu provide sound absorption between the work islands. In addition, they also create a slight zoning of the open room structure. With the Acoustic Divider Vario with Lord, the open-plan meeting rooms and arenas can be separated acoustically in a flexible manner. In this way, quiet zones can be created and the rooms still remain adaptable and allow for a great deal of spontaneity.

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