Volg – Winterthur

Modern office worlds: Textile solutions for a new working environment.

SINFONIA CS VI color 1010
  • Object

    Volg Konsumwaren AG, Winterthur, Switzerland

  • Concept

    Vonesch Innendekoration GmbH,Dietikon, objekt 13 Innenarchitketur, Bern, Switzerland

  • Photos:

    Philipp Funke Fotografie

Starting point
Volg Winterthur is planning a two-stage remodelling of its office infrastructure in order to meet the requirements of modern working environments. The idea is to create new work areas with an open-plan layout and only use individual offices in isolated cases.

The SINOFNIA and UMBRIA curtain fabrics were selected to create an open and flexible working environment. These help to optimise the room acoustically, create a pleasant working atmosphere and also act as a privacy screen. An open-plan layout, the reduction of individual offices and the use of high-quality curtain fabrics create an inspiring working environment that promotes dialogue and collaboration between employees.

Acoustic fabrics by Création Baumann Reference Sheet
  • SINFONIA CS VI color 1010
  • UMBRIA IV 0202

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