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Welle 7 – Bern

10,000 m2 workspace, 111 working zones and a restaurant: Création Baumann is setting new standards – in terms of form and function – in textile interior design in the large Welle 7 project directly adjacent to Bern main railway station.

  • Object

    Welle 7, Bern, Switzerland

  • Concept

    daskonzept, Thun, Switzerland

  • Photos

    Rolf Frei, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Starting Point

The co-working centre in the heart of the city combines business and gastronomy in a new dimension. The flexible use of space is part of the innovative concept. Création Baumann products play a key role: 3000 metres of fabric ensure that light, sound and design in the Welle 7 interact perfectly in every situation. Besides the perfect room acoustics, the functional textiles also provide protection against heat and glare.


A full restaurant is a place with high noise levels. SONOR and SINFONIA CS create outstanding acoustics so that visitors can also enjoy communicating without leaving any “after-taste”. Monotrac curtain tracks in special colours enhance the seamless integration into the architecture.

SONOR creates island-like sanctuaries in the reception and lounge area. The degree of privacy on the elliptical platforms in the middle of the Welle 7 can each be individually customised with four Roman blinds. On the business levels, on the other hand, small workstations and meeting zones with excellent acoustic properties can be set up in the open areas and glass walls can be turned opaque in an instant.

Most curtains are motorised and can be controlled centrally via a computer. The suspended curtain tracks blend discreetly into the open space.

Die meisten Vorhänge sind motorisiert und lassen sich zentral via Computer steuern. Die abgehängten Schienen fügen sich dezent in die offenen Räume ein.

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