Zurich Central Library

The gentle renovation of the Zurich Central Library combines old and modern. A modular furnishing system is specially designed to meet the needs of students.

LORD IV 0152
  • Object

    Zurich Central Library, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Concept

    gasser, derungs Innenarchitekturen GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Photos

    Ralph Feiner, Zurich

Starting Point
The sensitive renovation of the central library in Zurich brings the old together with the new. The original space has been drawn back into the limelight, and the new design of the room facilitates concentrated research activities.

The accommodation is lighter, roomier and more open. A modular furnishing system is especially oriented towards the students. Clear lines and colours give structure to the space. Textile elements create a comfortable atmosphere and absorb sound.
Students can withdraw into special learning cubicles for study purposes.

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  • LORD IV 0152
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