Directing a room

Interior designer Dieter Schmidt elegantly plays with materials and colours, shapes and light, in rooms he is furnishing. His concepts create efficient processes and impressive atmospheres.

Regie im Raum - Création Baumann - Inspiration
Regie im Raum - Création Baumann - Inspiration
During the conception and planning stages, Dieter Schmidt particularly focuses on complex interconnections. When he designs a room, he busies himself with process sequences and light moods to be able to use the right materials, colours and shapes. In so doing, he takes into account the specific habits of the people who live in the house, and the abstract question for style role models. From the interaction with the existing building substance, the opportunity emerges to tell entirely new stories. In his «Carte Blanche» for the COTTON & STORIES collection, Dieter Schmidt traces the roles of textiles in these stories.

Dieter Schmidt

After graduating in interior design from the Darmstadt university of applied sciences, Dieter Schmidt started his career in 1994 in Frankfurt in an architectural office. In 1998, together with Ulrich Holzinger, he founded the Schmidt Holzinger Innenarchitekten office, leading the entrepreneurial tradition of the Holzinger joinery, which was founded in 1930, into the future. The work done by Schmidt Holzinger is characterised by a straightforward link between interior design and craftwork. Their clients jointly demand expressiveness and aesthetics. They want concepts that embody their personality – with a lot of room for individuality, clarity and efficiency.

What do you focus on when entering a room for the first time?
The first thing I notice in an empty room, apart from light and view, are the proportions. I take note of how I intuitively perceive the room and try to identify possible reasons for it in the interior design.


What are the special characteristics of the property we are showing here?
The house was built in the 1970s. In the early 1990s we were invited for the first time to redesign it. Another 15 years later, the building’s garden level was given a modern annex with a large lawn.


What did you find instructive about this project?
I’m no stranger to textile decoration, but I hadn’t been involved in it quite as intensely as I was here. For a long time, textiles have had a hard time in German interior design. Without good reason: The fabrics have made the rooms significantly cosier.

Regie im Raum - Création Baumann - Inspiration
Regie im Raum - Création Baumann - Inspiration

What sets Création Baumann apart from others?
Création Baumann has clear, puristic materials, skilfully refined into high-quality textures. These fabrics find their home in a modern contemporary ambience, while developing a very special appeal when used more abundantly in a classic environment.


What do you appreciate in particular about the COTTON & STORIES collection?
The collection offers an incredible spectrum of combination possibilities. The cotton basic fabrics have a restrained texture and feel, but come up with an extensive colour palette. The accented fabrics add lightweight freshness to the collection.

«Carte Blanche has awakened my desire to re-include textiles as a natural part of my work.»
Dieter Schmidt
Regie im Raum - Création Baumann - Inspiration
Regie im Raum - Création Baumann - Inspiration

How much of Dieter Schmidt is in your concepts for private spaces?
Initially, I hold back. I start with the structural and spatial conditions and try to picture the development potential. Based on this I work on my concept. Naturally, I try to bring my own style and principles to the fore here. The art is to implement customer requests to perfectly interlink with my style.


What do you love about your job?
As an interior designer, I create rooms with high aesthetical standards where people like to spend time. I enjoy that a lot!


Apropos COTTON & STORIES: what story do your designs tell?
It would be boring if that was clear right from the start. Every project must tell its own story. As an interior designer, I write the script and direct.


Regie im Raum - Création Baumann - Inspiration

About the Carte Blanche

«Carte blanche» is Création Baumann’s invitation to select interior designers for interpreting a collection in a location of their choice in their own style – showcasing the range of possibilities for textile room design using fabrics from this traditional Swiss company.


Artistic direction / project management: Dieter Schmidt and Marie-Christine Schmidt for Schmidt Holzinger Innenarchitekten

Assembly: Wehner Decoration

Photography: Ingmar Kurth

Selected products for the Carte Blanche

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