Gecko in the Box

We take you on an adventure! Discover the playful motives of GECKO IN THE BOX Cosmos, Fauna and Swissness.

Gecko in the Box - Création Baumann - Fauna
GECKO IN THE BOX Fauna brings the wilderness into your home. Follow the different tracks and spot the multiple animals. Or do you prefer a different expedition?

GECKO IN THE BOX Cosmos takes you on a journey into the universe. Fly to unknown galaxies and discover new planets.

GECKO IN THE BOX Swissness carries Swiss traditions and values into your home. You can hold on to dear memories or create your own stories. Arrange your individual alpine panorama and bring a piece of Switzerland to your own surrounding.

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    Shaping the future

    As a Swiss family business, we are committed to sustainable corporate management that has a positive ecological, social and economic impact. We always focus on the needs of people and the environment.

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    Création Baumann presents new textile solutions for room zoning, made in Switzerland.

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