Glare and heat protection for roller blinds and vertical blinds

The novelties SCREENTEC R of roller blinds and SCREENTECTUS of vertical blinds impress with excellent glare and heat protection values.

Roller- blinds- Création Baumann
The glare and heat protection textiles for roller blinds and vertical blinds provide ideal light and energy transmission in the room in a highly functional way. Made to measure and precisely controllable, the system solutions enable perfect climate and daylight control and thus contribute to an improvement of the room climate and to more well-being.

Particularly exciting are the highly functional products SCREENTEC R for roller blinds and SCRENTECTUS for vertical blinds, which are ideal for sun-exposed window fronts. Thanks to the identical basic fabric type, the two new products provide even more options in the consistency of the different product groups and, with their functionality, create a link to the GLARE& HEAT collection of textiles.

Photo: Eckhart Matthäus

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