Highly functional acoustic solutions

Création Baumann presents the new top absorbers SONIC MELT and SONIC PLUS.

Sonic Melt- Sonic Plus - Création Baumann - Curtain divider with multifunction
Open spaces are increasingly shaping architecture and enabling flowing spatial structures in the working world as well as in private spaces. Agility and flexibility are key elements in this context, enabling optimum use of the floor plans. Sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing acoustic materials make it possible to zone rooms according to needs without disturbing the open room structure.

This is exactly where the top absorbers find their application. They belong to the range of acoustic fabrics and are characterized by their particularly high sound absorption values. SONIC MELT and SONIC PLUS are two new additions to the range of top absorbers. The partition curtain fabrics both have a dense, multi-layer fabric structure that ensures an aw value of 1.0. In addition to their functionality, the two new products also impress with their aesthetic and homely appearance.

Selected Top Absorbers

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