Antimicrobial textiles

The best textiles in their purest form: Our antimicrobial textiles achieve very good test results – to improve well-being and reduce the formation of odours in private and public spaces.

Antimicrobial textiles for the healthcare sector

High quality, extended durability and easy-care material: Our textiles for the healthcare sector meet the strictest hygiene requirements and are washable at 40 °C or 60 °C. Their special composition prevents bacteria from multiplying on the textile.

Product innovation ZONA combines two transparencies

A special highlight of the health care collection is the innovative partition curtain fabric ZONA, which combines two different transparencies in one material. While a closed fabric
appearance is achieved in the lower part by using voluminous yarns and a very high thread density, the upper part consists of an open net structure that guarantees the utmost
transparency. In convalescent rooms, examination and therapy rooms, the easy-care and antimicrobial fabric ensures privacy with maximum use of daylight.
«Pleasant colours and an active function: Healthcare textiles promote well-being and protect health.»

Silver ions protect against microorganisms

Antimicrobial textiles from Création Baumann contain silver ions. These are stored in the fibres, distributed evenly and firmly embedded there. They inhibit the growth of bacteria, improve hygiene and prevent the formation of odours.

The textiles UNIMENTO II, UNIPRIVO, the roller blind fabric BASIC V UN-300 R as well as the new product ZONA are antimicrobial as standard. This function can also be incorporated into most other fabrics from Création Baumann if desired.

Facts about the antimicrobial effect

  • The silver ions embedded in the fibres interfere with important functions of the microorganisms: Cells can no longer divide and the microorganisms die.
  • The effect of the antimicrobial textiles is confirmed by test records compliant with ASTM E 2149-01.

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