Création Baumann

Challenges in architecture and interior design, a deep passion for interior design as well as high technological competence are central to our development of innovative textile solutions.

Insights into the production of Création Baumann, warping with spun threads.


At the Création, our design studio, product management, design and product development work hand in hand. Trends and current topics are included in the development of new products, always with a focus on durability and timelessness.

Idea & Concept
The sources from which the best ideas flow are inexhaustible. To ensure that they also lead to a product and thus to success, we bundle them into a viable concept for a development and produce initial quality samples for new fabrics.


Colours & Production
The limitless world of colour is one of the core characteristics of our fabrics. Fresh shades and numerous subtle nuances are matched to the respective applications, which are reflected in a range of colourits for the new products.


From the processing of the yarn to the finished fabric, every step of production takes place in Langenthal. We have a broad repertoire for the production and finishing of textiles. We operate a winding mill, twisting mill, dyeing mill, weaving mill and print press.

Winding mill & twisting mill
Yarns are prepared for dyeing and weaving on automatic winders.

Dyeing mill
The powerful and flexible cross-wound spool dyeing mill provides a comprehensive range of yarns for coloured fabrics.

Weaving Preparation
The automated warping machine ensures the rapid and flexible production of warp for a wide range of products.

Weaving mill
Modern and versatile loom weaving with a maximum weaving width of 330 cm allows the production of dense and transparent fabrics, specialities such as leno weave und warp prints, as well as customised orders.

Digital printing
Polyester fabrics, including those reinforced for roller blinds, can be transfer printed from dense to transparent.

Textile refinement
In our modern piece dyeing mill, fabrics are slasher dyed or hank dyed and refined according to our needs.

Quality assurance
Meter by meter, our fabrics are checked for quality, then carefully rolled up for storage and to limit the risk of material damage during shipping.


We promise a 98 % ability to deliver. Thanks to our fully automated storage system directly on site, we have fast access and reliable availability to our range.
Création Baumann - Swissmade - Schweizer design


1886 Family buisness
222 Employees
40 Markets
65 % Export
98 % Degree of delivery capability



The two textile agents Friedrich Baumann and Albert Brand meet in Paris. In 1886 they found a company in Langenthal for the production and distribution of linen and half-linen.


After almost twenty flourishing business years, they decide to go their separate ways. Friedrich Baumann continues to run the company with his and his wife's name as Baumann-Grütter. Friedrich Baumann opens the first mechanical linen weaving mill in 1905.


The sons Fritz and Willy Baumann take over the company and continue to run it under the name "Baumann-Grütter Söhne".


Fritz and Willy separate. Fritz Baumann now runs the linen weaving mill under the name Baumann & Co. Together with wholesalers, decorative fabrics made of linen, cotton and rayon are produced.


The focus is now entirely on decorative fabrics and the appearance of the logo is renewed.


Inauguration of the high-bay warehouse for fabric rolls and yarns - a pioneering logistical achievement in the service of even shorter delivery times. In the same year, the brand image appears in a new guise on sample books and printed matter.


The Création Baumann logo is transformed into a more modern and creative form. 2005 The brand image is renewed, but the logo remains the same.


The brand identity has been renewed with a contemporary and self-confident branding. The brand DNA has remained, but its character has evolved: simple and easy to grasp, yet straightforward, timeless and strong.