Ashmolean Museum – Oxford

«Colour Revolution: Victorian Art, Fashion & Design» – the impact of textile selection on the staging of the colour revolution.

  • Object

    Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK

  • Concept

    Byung Kim

  • Photos

    Hannah Pye

Starting Point
The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, was preparing for the «Colour Revolution: Victorian Art, Fashion & Design» exhibition. The aim was to demonstrate how the Victorian era was characterised by a burst of colour, in contrast to its dreary reputation. Ensuring the proper presentation of exhibits and creating various chromatic areas in the galleries was of paramount importance.

To meet this challenge, Oddy-tested textiles were chosen to line the cabinets. Byung Kim carefully selected various colours of the transparent  SINFONIA CS curtain fabric and mounted them on installation tracks to achieve the desired visual effects. This choice ensures an impressive presentation and helps vividly convey the story of the Victorian colour revolution.

More about Oddy-tested textiles Reference Sheet
  • SINFONIA CS VI color 1067
  • SINFONIA CS VI color 1077
  • SINFONIA CS VI color 1078
  • SINFONIA CS VI color 1007
    SINFONIA CS VI color 1067

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